Dual Person

Affordable In-Home Oxygen Treatment

Classic Hyperbarics specifications

monoplace chamber specifications

Transportation and Setup Available

CV8-1 Classic Hyperbarics Monoplace Chamber
Single Person
32″ Diameter
108″ Length
650 lbs Weight
3/8″ Metal Thickness
1/2″ Metal Door Thickness
22″ Door Opening
3 Port Hole 9″ Windows (additional available)
Override Valve
1.3 ATA and 1.5 ATA Release Valves
DIY… Purchase separately and add up to 8 additional release valves up to 3.0ATA
Interior Handicap rails
Controls Located From Inside and Outside
Interior Shelf
Exterior Access Handle
Emergency Outside Shut Off
Controls Located From Inside only
1.8 hp Oilless Compressor (110 volt) w/Dryer and Filter
Heavy Duty 3″ Rubber Casters for easy mobility.

Financing Available

Professional Chamber

Dual Person  |  Transportation and Setup Available

CV8-P Classic Hyperbarics Professional Unit
Single or Dual Person
42″ Diameter
96″ Length
1250 lbs Weight
3/8″ Metal Thickness
1/2″ Metal Door Thickness
26″ Door Opening
4 Port Hole 12″ Windows (additional available)
Emergency Inside and Outside Shut Off 
1.3 ATA and 1.5 ATA Release Valves
DIY… Purchase separately and add up to 8 additional release valves up to 3.0ATA
Exterior Access Handle
Controls Located from Inside and Outside
Inside Overhead Access Handle
Interior Handicap Rails That Ease The Process of Entry and Exit
Interior Shelf
Heavy Duty 3” Rubber Casters for Easy Mobility
4 hp Oilless Medical Compressor (220 volt) w/Dryer and Filter

Financing Available

Single or Dual Person Chamber Specifications
Transportation and Setup Available

CV8-2 Classic Hyperbarics Dual Person Chamber
Single or Two Person
37″ Diameter
116″ Length
1250 lbs Weight
3/8″ Metal thickness
1/2″ Metal Door thickness
26″ Door Opening
4 Port Hole 9″ Windows (additional available)
Emergency Inside and Outside Shut Off 
1.3 ATA and 1.5 ATA Release Valves
DIY… Purchase separately and add up to 8 additional release valves up to 3.0ATA
Emergency Outside Shut Off
Controls Located From Inside or Outside
Inside Overhead Access Handle
Exterior Access Handle
Interior Handicap Rails That Ease the Process of Entry and Exit
Interior Shelf
Heavy Duty 3” Rubber Casters for Easy Mobility
4 hp Oilless Medical Grade Compressor(220 volt) w/Dryer & Filter
Jumbo Size Gurney Available for Additional Fee

Financing Available

The Best-Kept Secret in Medicine

In 2015 Classic Hyperbaric’s saw a need for a simple-to-use and patient friendly monoplace and two person mobile chamber. Part of the design criteria was high-quality chamber could be custom fabricated at a reasonable cost and individualized for each persons needs, so treatment could be more affordable and easily available to those who needed it. You can purchase and install yourself up to 8 different relief valves from 1.6 ATA to 3.0 ATA

versatile Treatment

Treats A Wide Range Of Conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Cerebral Palsy and many others.

High Oxygen Concentration

Through HBOT, the concentration of the oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream is thus raised many times above normal (up to 2000%).

Affordable In-Home Use

Included is everything you will need to start your treatment protocol right from your own home except commercial oxygen “K” size tanks that can be rented from your local supply house.

Why Hyperbarics work...My five-year-old son was born with autism and couldn't speak or eat by himself. After 43 treatments he is now speaking in almost complete sentences and feeding himself. Being able to be in the chamber with my son and control the environment and keep him calm and relaxed as well as letting him play inside the chamber is wonderful. Five-star review.

Anna- Prescott Valley, Arizona

About our In-Home

Hyperbaric Chambers

The CV8-2 Classic  Chamber is designed for two people per dive which is highly recommended when using the unit for home/animal use. 

All the controls are located inside and outside the chamber (no technician is required).  It is designed to fit through a 36” door opening if you remove the door and door jam.  

Each chamber is professionally built to help others who can’t afford the $100k+ needed to purchase similar units.

The chamber is designed to exceed industry standards with 1/2” bullet proof material for the port hole windows, 1/2” solid steel door and 3/8” thick chamber shell. This unit has been engineered and tested to withstand 6.0 ATA. Which is twice the chambers recommended capacity.

Each chamber is equipped with (3) emergency release valves and 1.3 ATA and 1.5 ATA valves. You can DIY and install 8 additional relief valves from 1.6 ATA to 3.0ATA.

Your choice of color.
Choose Colors Here

The chamber is designed for multi-daily use and will last a lifetime.  The only thing we have had to do with the chamber is replace the door seal ($50) after two years and thousands of treatments.

Included is everything you will need to start your treatment protocol, 50’ of oxygen and air hose to install tanks outside of house or building, (2) internal hoses with (25) mouth pieces, interior fireproof pad, Medical 60 gallon oil less compressor w/filter and dryer, 220 volt is required, eight valve settings. You can DIY and install additional eight release valve settings

This chamber can be filled with liquid oxygen for the best HBOT experience which is complete chamber pressure of oxygen. each chamber is custom engineered for your specific need, such as installing overhead access handles that ease the process of entry and exit. Interior handicap rails, additional windows and shut off release valve ports.

You will be required to purchase, rent or lease Oxygen tanks or large liquid oxygen tank which can be leased for commercial use and requires no medical script.  You will have to purchase your own individual/personal mask or hood, due to sanitation requirements. The area or room in which the chamber will be located needs to be climate controlled, 67 degrees is the ideal temperature. 

About Us

We had the honor to work with Robert Sands who was one of the pioneers in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers. He unfortunately past away a few years ago. Due to his extensive research into Spirochaetale bacterial infection and my daughters having Chronic Lyme his research stated that the only way to kill the alive Spirochetes is 40+ treatments one each day about 24 hours apart at 2.8 ata. You also need to penetrate the O2 past the blood brain barrier. We realize this is a dangerous combination, however my daughter was bitten by a tick in Virginia, when she was 9 years old and has suffered extensively up to four years ago (wheel chair and bed ridden). We have invested over a half of million in different treatment protocols. She has now received over 160+ treatments over the past four years and has a better quality of life.


What Our Customers Have To Say

After using a hyperbaric chamber at a clinic for $250.00 per treatment, and seeing the benefits with my chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorder. I decided to have a chamber built for our company and employees.
Ontario Canada
We have the dual Classic Chamber to help my mother with Alzheimer's treatment and now our whole family, neighbors, and friends are using it. We looked at the OxyHealth 420 and was too expensive and couldn't fit into our house.
George - California
After almost losing my wife with stage four cancer, I had Classic Hyperbarics build me the dual Professional chamber. Best investment I have made in helping with her recovery.
Cary- New Mexico
I've done over 150 dives for muscular dysfunction. A side effect of HBOT has virtually removed a now 13 year old caesarean scar. If it can do this to visible abnormalities - imagine what it is doing to the things we cannot see. The extra oxygen being fed to our cells allows them to get on with what they do more quickly & efficiently; speeding up the natural process of our bodies trying to heal themselves. This detox period is sorting out all the things you hadn't noticed were issues.
Donna -Ogden UT
The principles on which your company was established are just what I am looking for. It's actually perfect. I am establishing a natural health center in Jamaica that will offer protocols based on my personal experience. I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer two years ago. I learned of HBOT Oxygen therapy during the course of my research to help myself combat my condition. I found that coupled with the wholesome foods (fruits and vegetables including Rasta foods) that are found here in Jamaica as well as the environment being relatively free of air pollution, ocean pollution, and pesticides compared to industrialized centers my body responded remarkably well. I am focused on having hyperbaric O2 therapy available but the cost has been a major barrier to realizing my vision. My plan is to provide O2 therapy at a reasonable cost to regular people who can't afford to pay $250 a session and refer your company to those who can. Thanks for sharing the information about your company.
Yahoshuah Israel - Jamaica

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment by which 100% oxygen is administrated at greater than normal pressure in order to treat specific medical indications. Long established as the primary therapy in the treatment of medical disorders such as carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is now increasingly being used as an adjunctive therapy in the management of variety disorders, refractory to standard medical and surgical care (including cosmetic surgery, sport medicine as well as aesthetic and therapeutic applications).

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works?

The patient is placed in a specially designed chamber. The pressure in the chamber is increased, and 100% oxygen is breathed (the air we normally breath contains only 19% to 21% of this essential element). HBO treatment pressures are usually between 2 or 3 times greater than normal atmospheric pressure. Therapy last 1 -1.5 hours at full pressure depending of the patient medical condition. During the process of HBO therapy, cells become saturated with oxygen to a far greater degree than they ever could be under normal pressure.

Are there any side effects or after effects?

The most common effect is a “fullness” or popping sensation in the patient ears which last only briefly. This sensation is the same as experienced in an airplane during ascent and decent. Those who can fly with minimal ear problems can very likely undergo HBOT very easily. When patients are placed in the HBOT chamber is carefully monitored by a medical attendant at all times. Communication through a built-in audio intercom allows the patient, the attendant and doctor to be in constant communication.

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The first organ of contact with hyperbaric therapy beyond the skin is the lungs. The ability of hyperbaric oxygen to penetrate inflammatory pulmonary secretions allows adequate oxygen to reach the blood while inhibiting the inflammatory process. Learn more about Classic Hyperbarics by visiting See MoreSee Less

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