Why HBOT Works

Here is a list of Detox therapies; Bemer Technology Mat (PEMF) , Ionic Balancer Foot Bath, Beam Ray Rife Therapy, Inferred Sauna, Hydro San Plus Colon Cleanse, Rain Drop Therapeutic Oil, Aqua Thermassage Table. You also need to get your PH level around 7.0 for optimal healing which includes eating certain raw organic produce and drinking Alkaline water one 8 oz glass to one 8oz glass of filter water we have a Athena Alkaline machine. You also need to be on a semi strict diet. Remember to always eat protein before and drink water during and after treatment. We have studied and researched and continue to research this horrific disease and have determined that one of our best results is HBOT. We have a two person hard chamber in our home and have also been helping others who need therapies to live. We are having success with people who have PTSD, TBI, Autism and MS. We feel after 14 years we should have a PHD in the field of Lyme and their co infectors. The picture is of our custom build home chamber that is controlled from the inside, no technician required. The chamber can be filled with O2 or ambient air with a oxygen mask, mouth piece or hood.. We have since moved to central Arizona which is one of the best places in the US that has less problems with mold, and ticks or mosquitoes that carry the Spirochete.

We had the honor to work with Dr. Robert Sands who was one of the pioneers in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers. He unfortunately past away a few years ago. Due to his extensive research into Spirochaetale bacterial infection and my daughters having Chronic Lyme his research stated that the only way to kill the alive Spirochetes is 40+ treatments one each day about 24 hours apart at 2.8 ata. You also need to penetrate the O2 past the blood brain barrier. We realize this is a dangerous combination, however my daughter was bitten by a tick in Virginia, when she was 9 years old and has suffered extensively up to four years ago (wheel chair and bed ridden). We have invested over a half of million in different treatment protocols. She has now received over 160+ treatments over the past four years and has a better quality of life. She is 24 and recently got her drivers license and has worked a full time job the past two years. We have several different therapies in our home to help do daily detox to remove the die off of the active spirochetes. 

Classic Hyperbarics